Archives For July 28, 2011

Three Comrades is step in a very different direction for Borzage in this marathon. The previous three films I watched were much more focused on the lives of ordinary people, but as told through a melodramatic lens. Though the language of the dialogue in Three Comrades is heightened—even sounding melodramatic and highly romantic at times—the story is quite simple, quite raw, and never really over-the-top. It was actually refreshing to see this from Borzage just as I was settling into a bit of a reliable pattern.

The film tells the story of three friends who fought together during WWI for Germany. Now, in 1920, political troubles are tearing Germans apart and these three friends are trying to get by, helping each other out as much as possible. One of the men, Erich, played by Robert Taylor, falls in love with the gorgeous Patricia (Pat, for short). Margaret Sullivan is radiant as Pat, and their relationship is wonderful to watch as it grows and develops. Click to read more