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TIFF is Coming!

September 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

(Schedule updated)
On September 8th, the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival is coming to town. It’s always an exciting time of year for me. I love going down, checking out some movies, meeting interesting people in line-ups, and hopefully getting to hear from some filmmakers when they present their films. I like seeing both the big and the small films, though I generally prefer not to see the big films that will be getting released in two weeks anyway—no Drive for me. This year, there are a ton of films I would kill to see, but I will only be able to see a limited number of films.

I will be covering TIFF’11 on the site with reviews, opinion pieces and anecdotes. You can also follow my ongoing TIFF talk by following my Twitter handle, @coreyatad. If you’re in Toronto for the festival then maybe I’ll be seeing you around. If you see from my schedule or on Twitter that I’m in the area you can always send me a message on Twitter and let me know.

My current TIFF schedule is as follows (though it’s always subject to change):

  • Into the Abyss – 8th Thu, 6:00PM
  • Le Havre – 8th Thu, 9:30PM
  • Omar Killed Me – 9th Fri, 6:00PM
  • Wuthering Heights – 10th Sat, 12PM
  • You’re Next – 10th Sat, 11:59PM
  • Twixt – 11th Sun, 2:00PM
  • Crazy Horse – 11th Sun, 6:15PM
  • Livid – 11th Sun, 11:59PM
  • Extraterrestrial – 12th Mon, 2:ooPM
  • Tyrannosaur – 16th Fri, 6:00PM
  • Kill List – 17th Sat, 11:59PM
  • The Story of Film: An Odyssey – 12th Mon – 16th Fri, 10:00AM

I may also be seeing some more films depending on whether I have time, but for now, this is the full list.

I hope you all enjoy my TIFF’11 write-ups and reviews, and I hope those of you who are going to the Fest have as great a time as I’m sure to have.