The justAtad Essentials: #11-15

September 6, 2011 — 6 Comments

The justAtad Essentials: The Adventures of Robin Hood

There are a few films on my list that have earned their place mostly by virtue of their fun-factor. The Adventures of Robin Hood is perhaps the most fun out of any of them. If you watch The Adventures of Robin Hood and don’t enjoy it then I simply don’t want to know you. You have no soul. This film is unadulterated, swashbuckling, Technicolor magic. Errol Flynn is the definition of awesome. Olivia de Havilland is a beauty beyond compare. Claude Raines twirls his moustache and Basil Rathbone is about as big a jerk as you can find. There’s no subtlety, no deep emotion, no grand character development, no thematic complexity. Just boatloads of fun and men who laugh like real men!

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6 responses to The justAtad Essentials: #11-15


    I can now officially endorse this series since Magnolia is on the list. It is my favourite film. 🙂 Seriously though, the thing I like about your essentials series so far is that you are not afraid to throw in films like South Park or the Adventures of Robin Hood (inspired choice by the way). While both are good in their own way, they are not what would immediately come to most people’s mind when you ask them to list essential film. Yet a valid argument can be made for each film.


      I feel like “essential” might have been a poor choice of name.

      That said, I think Adventures of Robin Hood is often forgotten when it comes to this sort of list. It really is a fantastic film. One of the very best adventure films ever made.


    “When we think about older films, there is a tendency to hold them up on a pedestal. I’m not entirely sure why this is the case. All I know is that I have no such pedestal. A classic can be released in 2011 just as it could in 1938.”

    A spot-on observation. I’m a bit baffled as I see how few modern movies that make their way into the top 100 lists. It would be understandable if the people who made those lists were elderly themselves, maybe had stopped going to movies for some reason and now were nostalgic about the movies from their youth. But those are young people making up those lists.

    Why so suspicious about anything produced after 1980? Weird.


      I think it’s just a stigma that a film should be more established before it can be included in such a list. Somebody might only watch Citizen Kane once and feel confident putting it in a Top 100 because it’s also an established classic. Meanwhile, they may watch The Social Network only once and enjoy it even more, but its newness makes it feel like it needs time to stew.


    I really must catch up with Robin Hood – shameful, really, that I’ve never properly seen it, just bits here and there.

    So glad you included Amadeus, too – I loved that film when I first saw it years ago and found it deeply affecting but haven’t seen it since. I have considered it for my own list but haven’t been sure if it would hold up for me now – you give me hope that it will.


      Both are wonderful films that fill me with joy, though in very different ways. You should definitely sit down to watch Robin Hood, and giving Amadeus a rewatch is probably a good idea, too.

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