TIFF’11 Review: Twixt

September 19, 2011 — 4 Comments

Francis Ford Coppola just needs to stop. Hearing him talk about Twixt, this awful mess of a film, as some sort of intensely personal piece of art only makes me hate the film more. If Twixt is Coppola wearing his heart on his sleeve, then I suggest he put his heart away as quickly as possible. I wish I could pretend he stopped making movies after Apocalypse Now and just call it a day, but I had to endure Twixt, and now I’m going to tell you about it.

Twixt tells the story of a bargain basement horror novelist, played by Val Kilmer, who comes to a small town, learns about a murder mystery there, has a bunch of nonsensical dreams, tries to write a new book, and then some other stuff happens that also makes no sense. Oh, and Edgar Allen Poe shows up in the dreams.

I don’t care to get into the plot more. It’s stupid, it doesn’t make any sense, and themes are just tacked right on. The dreams have kind of a neat visual style, and Elle Fanning is become a welcome sight in any movie, but neither of those elements do anything to save the film.

The movie is also in 3D. Yeah, Coppola shot it in 3D. Except it’s not all 3D. Coppola decided to shoot just two scenes in 3D, and at those moments a pair of red/blue glasses comes up on the screen as an indicator for the audience. The 3D looks pretty bad, and worse yet, it’s completely pointless in both scenes. It’s an example of laziness masked as “experimentation”. And that really defines all of Twixt. It’s a lazy piece of crap that Coppola would like you to think of as bold and experimental. I’m sorry, Francis, but The Godfather was experimental. The Conversation was experimental. Apocalypse Now was experimental. Twixt is terrible filmmaking, pure and simple.


4 responses to TIFF’11 Review: Twixt


    I’m a fan of Francis Ford Coppola and I applaud him for the fact that he’s taking risks and funding his own films without any distractions nor the fact that he won’t lose money.

    Based on the reviews and yours, I’ll wait for it on DVD or when it’s available online. I like the idea of a live cinema event but if it’s for a bad film. No thanks.


    Have you seen Tetro? I thought it was great.

    The trailer for this looked terrible and now the film is terrible. I’m not surprised.

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