TIFF’11: The Great Wrap-Up!

September 23, 2011 — 4 Comments

Well, after about a week’s distance, I think it’s time to take stock of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. There were highs and lows; there was a lack of sleep; there were friends and beers; there was plenty of malnutrition; there was a ton of waiting in line-ups.

All in all TIFF’11 was the best TIFF year for me so far. The primary reason for this was not the films, though there were a few good ones, it was the friends. Prior to the festival, Courtney Small, from Big Thoughts From a Small Mind, invited me to a monthly Toronto film bloggers meet-up. Through that meet-up, and another during the festival, I got to enjoy drinks with a ton of really awesome film bloggers. The result was that, other than a couple of screenings, I did not see any movies by myself. Many of the people I met were actually at several of my screenings. Here’s a list of some of the people I got to hang out with:

Ryan McNeil, from The Matinee (@matinee_ca)

Bob Turnbull, from Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind (@TheLogicalMind)

Shannon the Movie Moxie (@MovieMoxie)

Sasha James, from Final Girl Project (@FinalGirlProj)

Matt Brown (@tederick) and Matthew Price (@mattmovies), from the wonderful Mamo Podcast

Julian Carrington, from a Healthy Disdain (@aHealthyDisdain)

James McNally, from Toronto Screenshots (@toscreenshots)

Leora Heilbronn (@leoraheilbronn)

Shane McNeil (@come_back_shane)

Andrew Parker, from Criticize This! (@AndrewJParker)

Titania Plant, from Classic Flick Chick (@classicflikchik)

Danielle D’Ornellas, from blogTO (@ellstar)

That’s quite a list of people. I might have missed a few names—I probably did—so if you feel slighted, just leave a comment and I’ll add you. And to all of you, I say thank you. Sincerely, I mean it. Thanks for making this my first real social TIFF experience. It was a lot of fun, and I cannot wait to do it again next year, along with all the monthly meet-ups in between.

As for the festival itself, the movies are the movies. Some were great, some were terrible. C’est la vie.

I’d like to do a list of Best and Worst from TIFF’11, but first I will simply list off all the movies I saw, with links to my reviews.

A fair number of films and one heck of a festival.

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4 responses to TIFF’11: The Great Wrap-Up!


    I distinctly remember you saying that ten or so was your limit…and then you end up seeing close to twenty. The festival can get addictive I tell ya. 🙂

    Like you, I found this year to be rather fun in regards to running into so many familiar faces. The movies were good as well, thought I felt like I saw flicks that no even new existed (e.g. Breathing, 11 Flowers, A Monster in Paris, Lipstikka). Maybe a need to sprinkle in some more mainstream fair next year. LOL

    Probably won’t make the meet-up on the 4th but we shall catch up at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.


    Thanks for the name check! It was great seeing you during the fest as well and hope to see you on the 4th at the next meet-up. I love the fact that our first disagreement about film was based around Werckmeister Harmonies…B-)

    I’m still cobbling together my TIFF Round-up, but I should try and get it out the next couple of days. I had a great fest both socially and on the film front – my choices just seem to click with me very well this year. Out of the 29 I saw, only 3-4 really disappointed me.

    Hope you’ve applied for After Dark accreditation…The full schedule gets announced on the Space channel tonight at 11PM and on the web tomorrow. The films range from great to, uh, not so great, but it’s always fun (we’ll see ya there Courtney!).

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