Archives For September 28, 2011

In a brazen show of complete ineptitude, Sony Pictures Entertainment has decided that, beginning in 2012, theaters will have to front the cost of those disposable 3D glasses. The Hollywood Reporter picked up the story yesterday, and today the National Organization of Theater Owners (or, NATO for short, really) has responded, saying that Sony must reconsider this decision. If the cost of 3D glasses is offloaded onto exhibitors, it’s likely we’re in for either a full bump in ticket prices, or at the very least an increase in the current $3-5 surcharge for 3D presentations.

Apparently Hollywood just isn’t getting the hint. If the only way to make 3D a worthwhile, profitable venture is to charge as much extra for it as possible, then clearly it’s a waste of time. Conversely, if offloading the cost of glasses is not necessary for 3D to be profitable, then all they are doing to forcing the hand of the fine people who screen the films and causing ticket prices to be raised even further. In the short run, this idea may get Sony even higher profit margins from their successful 3D releases, but in the long run they are only contributing to the seemingly unstoppable erosion of theatrical audiences. Continue Reading…