Much Ado About Whedon

October 24, 2011 — 3 Comments

Because apparently Joss Whedon was not content with simply being treated like a God, he had to go out and prove he really is one. The guy whose only previous film direction credit is Serenity somehow managed to pull off one of the most incredible directing feats I recent cinema history. Presumably in the middle of shooting/directing The Avengers, Joss Whedon put together a second cast and shot and directed a whole other film. Without anyone knowing!

The film in question is an adaptation of Bill Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a pretty famous play, you might have heard of it. You can find the cast list and press release here.

At this point I only have two questions. First, how the fuck the Whedon manage to put this together right under everyone’s noses without even so much as a leak? Secondly, when the fuck can I slap down my $10-13 in order to see this movie?

Besides that, I think we have to applaud the uniqueness of what Joss Whedon has done. He pulled one over on all of us and as a result, next year we’ll be getting not just one Whedon movie, but TWO! The man is giving us gifts aplenty. What’s next, a second season of Firefly all set to air next week? A boy can dream.

Also notable is the fact that Whedon, who by all accounts could do whatever he wants now that he landed the Avengers gig, took the time to put together another, smaller, more personal project. It reminds me of when Whedon got together with some friends to make Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog during the writer’s strike. He didn’t need to do it. He could have just worked the picket lines a couple times a week and that’s it. Lucky for us, Joss Whedon is a true creative spirit, apparently unable to live unless he’s making some kind of TV show or movie or some sort of other artistic project.

All I can really say is, “thank you, Joss Whedon. You rock.”


3 responses to Much Ado About Whedon


    I’m not the biggest Josh Whedon fan, but I admire his work ethic. I now look forward to both of his films coming out next year!

    Hey, great work on the blog, by the way. I hadn’t visited in a while (work and whatnot and bullshit), but I really like the stuff you’re doing.


    I’m much more interested in seeing this than The Avengers, if only because the cast looks a lot better. That being said, I’ll watch both.

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