Attack the Blog: The Week of 12/29/2011

December 29, 2011 — 13 Comments

This week I’m introducing a new feature on the blog. Embarrassingly, I’m not as involved in the blogging community. I aim to rectify this. And so I am starting a weekly post with links to  some of the best blog posts I read each week.

However, for this first post I’ll make things a bit more introductory by instead sharing links to some of the blogs I’ve gotten to know, rather than simply individual posts. There are a ton of bloggers on the web. Too many. But these are some of the ones I visit most frequently and who offer some of the best writing and more insightful comments. So continue on to check out the list.

The Velvet Café

Jessica is pretty much my favourite person on the internet. She’s a middle-aged mother of two who used to play too much World of Warcraft and now watches too many movies. She’s also Swedish, yet she chooses to blog in English. Her writing is surprisingly great considering English isn’t her first language, and I continuously find that impressive. But I think the best thing about Jessica’s blog is that she’s completely unafraid to bring personality to the equation. I’m not usually the biggest fan of reading reviews, but I read every single one Jessica writes because she always hooks me with the way she writes about herself as much as the film she just watched.

The Matinee

I think Ryan McNeil is basically a fixture in the film blogging community, so I probably don’t need to tell you much about him or his site. His reviews are great. He’s consistent about posting. He’s often wrong. He’s also a really great guy. Go read his blog!

Cinema Sights

I did a podcast with this chap. James Blake Ewing knows his shit. His blog is almost exclusively review-based, yet I enjoy it a lot. I also like that I can never quite anticipate James’ reaction to a film, and while I often disagree, his insights are always welcome.

Film Forager

Alex the Film Forager is one of the most badass film bloggers around. She writes incredibly well, with a lot of personality, and she adds to her awesome quotient by been a formidable artist whose work you can buy through her site. She also writes about a really wide variety of films without ever sounding snobby. This is a girl who loves Harvey, The Apartment, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Clueless. Awesome.

The Life and Times of David Chen

Many of you probably know David Chen from /Film, the /Filmcast and The Tobolowsky Files. I love his work on all three, but I also love following Dave Chen in general. He’s got an appetite for media that’s about as formidable as they come. His personal blog sometimes offers more personal insights or thoughts, but it’s also a great repository of links that Chen finds interesting. And trust me, if David Chen thinks an article is worth reading, he’s probably right.

Between the Seats

Edgar is another stalwart of sorts. He’s consistent and prolific and his work basically speaks for itself. His is mostly a review blog, and it’s one of the few that I follow consistently. Great reviews with consistently unique insights. What more could you really want in a film blog?

Movie Review Warehouse

Bondo is definitely the most unique film blogger I’ve encountered. First of all, his opinions are wild and he doesn’t shy from them at all. His reviews are also pretty short and pithy. He doesn’t beat around the bush or try to fancy up the writing. Everything is direct and without apology. Lately he’s also started offering some opinion pieces, which are always a fantastic read.

Genre Hacks

Sean Hood gained some internet notoriety for a post he wrote about the recent Conan the Barbarian remake. You see, Sean was the credited screenwriter on that film, and his post expressed the anxiety of putting a film you’ve worked on out into the world. I can’t say I’m a fan of the films he’s made, but Sean got my attention with that post, and I’ve since been following his blog. He’s refreshingly open and honest about the process of getting films made in Hollywood, and it’s one of the best “insider” blog out there.

Natasha Vargas-Cooper @ Tumblr

I’m not gonna lie, I totally have a crush on Natasha Vargas-Cooper. She’s also a wonderful writer who’s done work at The Awl and has written a whole book about Mad Men! Her Tumblr page, which is probably the only Tumblr I read regularly, is fantastic. Sort of a delightful window in Natasha’s mind, with everything from pictures of Mark Whalberg to random comments about movies and TV, to her undying love for everything Paz de la Huerta. Every now and then she even writes up something a bit longer, like her fantastic recent piece about the rape scene in David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

I hope you check out all of these blogs. They’re all great for different reasons, and totally worth following. I’ll be back next week with links to some interesting pieces, some from these blog, maybe a few from others. I think I’ll have fun with this column. Sharing the love leads to good times, of course.

13 responses to Attack the Blog: The Week of 12/29/2011


    Wow, just wow. Ain’t you sweet! And so spot on (at least concering the other blogs, I’m totally undeserving of so much praise.)

    I’m really glad that you’re doing a blog column and I look forward to get new ideas about what to read and follow. I’ve already gotten a couple of new ones in this column. There’s so much to discover out there and you’ll be a great guide! Oh and I approve of the name you chose eventually!


    Many thanks for the kind words good sir. I shall return the link courtesy as soon as you post your year-end top five.

    Here’s to more intelligent discussion and disagreement in 2012!


    What a treat! Thank you.


    Oh heyyy thanks so much for the kind words! I do my best to not be snobby haha.

    Also I’m excited to check out some of these blogs, mainly David Chen’s since I didn’t know he had a personal blog. He actually lives near me and I saw him at a live version of the Tobolowsky Files last month! Genre Hacks sounds interesting, too.


      I am a David Chen supporter, big time. I don’t often agree with him, and I sometimes think he could stand by his opinions a bit more strongly, but his curiosity about anything and everything is very similar to mine. And I wish I could see the Tobolowsky Files live.

      Sean Hood doesn’t post often, but when he does it’s great. His recent piece about how the Bechdel Test applies to screenwriters is really good.


    Hehe, “without apology.” You make my blog sound like a Mitt Romney campaign book.

    Thanks for the kind words, you are frequently an inspiration for me to think more deeply about certain film topics.

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