Attack the Blog: The Week of 1/5/2012

January 5, 2012 — 5 Comments

It was a big week for movie bloggers, most of us put up Top 10 lists for the year, which is often a fun thing to do. But now it’s 2012, and except for Oscar talk I think it’s time we all moved forward. Back to the regular bloggery!

Of course, if you do want to check out some of those Top 10 lists, Ryan McNeil over at The Matinee has got you covered with links.

And if you can’t get enough Ryan McNeil, he sat down with several other bloggers to record a podcast hosted by the two Matts from Mamo! about the CAST Awards Top 10 of 2011. It’s a great listen.

As we all return to regular blogging I think it’s important to recognize the value in cinematic chatter. Reviews are great, but I’m a fan of greater discussion. It’s not just the films themselves that become a part of our culture, but the discussion surrounding them.

One thing that bought this home for me has been Public Domain Day. Commemorated every January the 1st, Public Domain Day is a way of calling attention to all the great works of art that would have entered the public domain each year if not for the idiotic copyright extension act of 1976.

This topic, along with the new selections of the National Film Registry, got Drew McWeeney over at Hitfix writing:

First, a post about These Amazing Shadows, a documentary about the importance of the National Film Registry and film preservation in general.

Then, a post addressing Public Domain Day and the amazing notion that had it not been for the 1976 law, all of the Lord of the Rings novels would now be in the public domain.

In other film talk, my good friend Bondo over at Movie Review Warehouse came up with what he calls The Film Personality Test, which breaks down a film’s effectiveness into three categories.

Meanwhile, over at A Swede Talks Movies, theres a great post about Noble Failures, those films you don’t necessarily like, but whose ambitions and qualities are too great to ignore.

Alex, the Film Forager, finally got around to watching, reviewing and loving one of my favourite crazy, schlocky, awesome sci-fi movies from the 90s, Roland Emmerich’s Stargate.

I’m a sucker for lists about random shit from movies, and few have been more random than the infographic list over at The Droid You’re Looking For (TDYLF) of Inanimate Objects That Murder People in Horror Movies.

Finally, I love reading interviews with other bloggers, and it just so happens My Filmviews has kicked off the new year with a new weekly feature in which he interviews—you guessed it—bloggers! His first Moviesite Spotlight interview is with Scott from Front Room Cinema.

5 responses to Attack the Blog: The Week of 1/5/2012


    Ugh, copyright law. Somehow it got perverted from its original purpose of fostering development of ideas into enriching corporations (mostly). I’d like to see someone out there campaigning to restore sanity to that. How many people would really oppose to a drastic increase in public domain works other than the smallish fraction that make money off the works at present?


    Thanks for the link love and I got a lot of interviews already lined up for the next couple of weeks. Always nice to learn more about other bloggers and of course find out about some cool movie blogs you might not have heard about.


    Thank you kindly for the plug! After reading through a few of the linked posts, it seems I’m in very good company indeed. Humbling.

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