Archives For January 6, 2012

Attack the Block has been rightfully lauded as a prime example of quality action filmmaking. I’ve described it as being effectively a perfect film in terms of structure and construction. It stands alongside Die Hard and Back to the Future as having one of the most finely tuned screenplays ever written for a genre movie. In fact, in some respects it bests those films, at least in one area. You see, Attack the Block isn’t just notable for its hilarious dialogue and cool monsters. It’s also a work of great thematic and moral complexity.

The likability of the main characters in Attack the Block has been much discussed around the interwebs. I think this is a huge a smokescreen. What the fuck are we, participants in a focus group? Maybe the fact that it’s an action-comedy has confused people, but then I have to wonder about all the people who love the redemptive story of Han Solo, or the very straight heroism of Indiana Jones, you know, the guy who had an affair with an underaged Marion Ravenwood. Since when have shades of moral ambiguity been a barrier to rooting for the protagonists of an action movie? Especially when those protagonists are kids? Quite frankly, anybody who allows the likability or morality of the characters in Attack the Block to get in the way of their enjoyment is ignoring the finesse with which the film treats these issues. Click to read more.