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Every now and then I read something that completely takes the wind out of me. Usually these involve harrowing stories of amazing individuals, or truly unbelievable events. Other times I am amazed by the utter stupidity and incompetence of people in the modern world. Here I was, pleased with my blogging output for the day, ready to continue reading the first book in my 50 Book Pledge, and then I see this tweet from Norm Wilner:

The link is to an opinion column on the New York Times website entitled ‘Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante?’

Look, I have a great deal of respect for The New York Times. It’s generally a fine organization dedicated to putting out quality, well-written journalism. At least, I used to have a great deal of respect for them. Now, maybe not so much. Click to read more.


Oh my god, you guys! I fucking love Wes Anderson. I don’t give a shit about the fact that he’s super quirky, or that his style hardly changes for any of his films. I love Wes Anderson and I love his movies. Yes, all of them. Including The Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited. They are all great films, and I watch them constantly. My favourite film of his is Rushmore, maybe followed by Bottle Rocket.

His last film, the stop-motion animated Fantastic Mr. Fox is as swell a movie as you’re likely to ever see. So brimming with colour and warmth and humour, it’s beautiful. But that was all the way back in 2009. Thankfully, 2012 has some new Wes Anderson for all us diehards to savour. From the looks of it, savour, we shall.

Anderson has always found as many ways as possible to reference the French New Wave, but Moonrise Kingdom appears to have taken that penchant to new heights. Have the actors speak French and I swear you could sell this as some sort of long lost Truffaut/Godard collaboration. It’s great. Reminds me of last year’s British film, Submarine, which in turn got compared to Wes Anderson’s work quite a lot.

The trailer for the film, released today, looks awesome. It appears to be the story of a quirky boy and a quirky girl who meet at a quirky summer camp populated by other quirky people. They fall in love and run off together, leaving the rest of the members of the camp to go off in search of them. At least, that’s what I gather from the trailer. It’s got lots of great actors, like Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand and Bruce “Fists With Your Toes” Willis.

Go watch the trailer. Seriously. Now. Go. Apple has got it and it looks fantastic.

Did I mention I’m over-the-moon excited about this movie? Fuckin’ hell, 2012 is gonna be a good year!

It felt like a bit of a slow week in the blogosphere. Maybe it was the continued talk about 2011, which for me is pretty played out at this point. Maybe it was that other than 2011 films there is nothing good coming out in cinemas at the moment. January is often a dark time to be a film lover, especially when you’ve already watched most of the awards-baiting movies.

I did read a number of great blog posts, though, and I’ve collected my favourites for you.

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