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Ronan Doyle over at Next Projection wrote a very interesting review of Michael Haneke‘s 2007 American remake of his own 1997 German film, Funny Games. It’s essentially a negative review, but not in the normal sense. While Ronan acknowledges that in many ways it’s a great, extremely well crafted and challenging film, the fact of its existence is what brings it down. By being a shot-for-shot remake, merely translated, but still only reaching a small cinephile audience, Funny Games US is has no need to exist. First of all, is it true that the film didn’t expand upon the audience of the original? More importantly, even if it didn’t does that mean we can discount the quality of the film? Click to read more.


Requesting Some Feedback

January 21, 2012 — 18 Comments

My blogging has become more reasonably consistent lately, but I’ve also noticed a trend. I’m don’t get too hung up on the actual number of views I get per day, but I do pay attention to them. I look for where I’m getting referrals from, what site people are clicking over to when they visit, and what content on a given day is most popular. Recently, though, I’ve seen my general numbers slip. There was a point when I could be fairly sure that a single post would net the blog at least a certain number of hits. This week I posted twice in one day and couldn’t manage to hit that bar.

I’m not trying to sit here and bore you with my sadness over losing readers. In fact, if it’s just an issue of numbers then really I don’t mind. But the numbers slide me tells me that I’m doing something wrong. I’d like to figure out what that is.

So help me out. Give me some feedback. Tell me what content you like best on the blog. Be specific if you can. What are your favourite posts? What do you come back for? Are there any kinds of posts you’d like to see or see more of? Do you think I should do more reviews of films? What kinds of reviews? Just straight, simple ones, or more in-depth essay style reviews like my War Horse piece?

And there’s other stuff. Do you like the blog’s recent look and layout? Are there additional layout elements or changes you think would improve the site?

So be a pal, help me out. Let me know what I can be doing better.