The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Asks, Raimi Who?

February 7, 2012 — 5 Comments

I was never a big fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. The first film was a decent comic book movie. The second took a cheesy style and tried to make it serious. I wasn’t buying it. And, of course, the less said about the third film the better. What always bothered me with the Raimi films was their lack of interest in the world of Spider-Man. They are visually bland films whose tone fluctuated wildly between comic book silliness and operatic melodrama.

When I heard Marc Webb was helming a reboot of the franchise I perked up. (500) Days of Summer is one of my favourite films of the last few years, and I saw in Webb a guy who would be able to find tonal consistency in an inherently silly property. By the looks of this new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, Webb has succeeded. It looks genuinely funny and playful, but also realistically moody and dramatic. I like the looks of Andrew Garfield. I love Emma Stone for reasons. Even Lizard looks pretty cool. All in all, colour me excited. Watch the trailer below:


5 responses to The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Asks, Raimi Who?


    I’m not much of a superhero. I did somewhat enjoy Raimi’s first two Spiderman pictures (though, that may be because I’m a Raimi fanboy). This trailer left me cautiously optimistic. I might see it for Garfield.


    Brilliant trailer. I’m genuinely excited about Spider-Man again. Loved his wise-cracking in the back of the car, and that fight scene kicked ass!


    Still on the fence with this one. It seems like they are going for a darker tone which just does not sit right with me. I am starting to get tired of every superhero flick needing to be dark and moody. It works for Batman because that is the essence of the character. Spider-Man has always been more of a wise-cracking type character.

    As for Raimi, I actually enjoyed Spider-Man 2, I thought it was the best in the series. The first film you could see him struggling to balance studio expectations with his own vision but on the second he figured things out nicely. The third film was awful though…just awful.


    Looks like garbage to me. No personality. And, (500) Days of Summer was overrated. Sorry.

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