Attack the Blog: The Best Links for the Week of 2/16/12

February 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

Another two weeks have gone by. Yes, I forgot once again. When I did remember to put a list of links together I also realized I hadn’t collected enough good links. Well, in the extra time I’ve found some quality links. I’ve got stuff from all over the interwebs and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Links time!

First up is screenwriter Sean Hood over at Genre Hacks with a great advice piece for first-time screenwriters. He offers up some quality, helpful information.

Ronan Wright at Filmplicity delightfully tackles the tough issue of how two people share an armrest at the cinema.

Scott Lawlor at Front Room Cinema reviews one of my very favourite films from last year, The Muppets, which has finally reached across the pond to the UK.

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace is back in theatres in glorious (shitty) 3D! Mike Ryan and Matt Singer had a hilarious chat about the film over at Moviefone.

My new favourite blogger is also a pretty big name. Brenda Chapman, a legend in the world of animation and the original director of the new Pixar film, Brave. For two examples of what makes Brenda such a great blogger look no further than this post about her undying love for Meryl Streep, and this post about the changing definition of animation in the world of motion-capture.

Over at, Kirstin Thompson and David Bordwell have an amazing in-depth article about the dangers facing the world of film preservation due to the ongoing conversion to digital. This is necessary reading for any film lover.

Finally, Steve Kimes at Just Another Movie Blog has written a review, in song, of the film Alamar. I haven’t seen the film, but I’m seriously looking forward to it now.

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