Attack the Blog: The Best Links for the Week of 2/23/12

February 23, 2012 — 1 Comment

Back again this week with some links. It was a little hard finding great blog posts this week, not because the writing was poor, but because I simply didn’t feel like linking tons of Oscar predictions. I love the Oscars as a game. I love predicting who will win and getting excited about it all. But I really don’t see it as important, and this year I haven’t felt motivated to even talk about the Oscars very much. Then again, I one Oscars-related post did manage to slip through. All the links are inside!

First up, Max and Claire at Impassioned Cinema decided to take a look at my favourite film (and trilogy) of all time, Back to the Future!

Next, Neal Gabler at the LA Times wrote a great piece about how the old fashioned films being heralded at this year’s Oscars are a sign of Hollywood’s self-loathing.

Over at The John Carter Files, Dotar Sojat makes a case for how the new film, John Carter, might find a path to success.

Scott Mendelson discusses why the feminism of Pixar’s upcoming Brave is not a step forward, but a course correction for girl-power animation.

Finally, in TV world, my good friend Erik Bondurant takes a look at the female characters upstairs at Downton Abbey.

One response to Attack the Blog: The Best Links for the Week of 2/23/12


    Thanks so much for featuring our article, Corey. We have some more exciting trilogies lined up for the future so keep looking out of our posts.

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