justAtad Presents the Liebster Blog Award

February 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

Jessica, the wonderful Swedish blogger at The Velvet Café, sent me some link love the other day. And not just any link love. Apparently Jessica had received “nominations” from a couple other bloggers for something called The Liebster Blog Award. Basically, it’s a pay-it-forward type of award. One blogger selects four or five blogs as “nominees” that they’d like to highlight, and then each of those five selects five more. I’m not always into these chain blogging things, but this one is an exception. Paying the love forward seems like a great idea to me. So hit the jump to check out my nominees for the Liebster Blog Award.

Big Thoughts from a Small Mind

I’d say it’s all Courtney’s fault. If it wasn’t for him I’d probably be a lot more detached from the blogging community at large, and also the one in Toronto. He’s the guy who first invite me to the Toronto bloggers meetup and for that I’m ever grateful. Oh, and his blog is top notch!

Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind

Bob was one of the first people I met at that first blogger meetup, and I’ve since become an avid follower of his bloggery. He loves to focus on older films, and has a particular love for Asian cinema. I can often count on his blog to supply me with ideas for things to watch, or to shame me into feeling like a terrible cinephile.

Not Just Movies

Here’s someone I found via the Twitter-verse. Jake blogs about movies, but kind of like my blog, he doesn’t limit himself to just movies. It’s a nice change of pace as I see it. You get some movie talk and some book talk and it’s all thoughtful and well-written.

Feed Me Films

This blog is fairly new, but it’s one I’ve been thoroughly enjoying for a few weeks now. Laura is a cinema studies major in the UK and you can tell from her writing. She brings an academic eye to the films she discusses, but never making it boring or pretentious. Again, really great, thoughtful writing about film.

Cinema Sights

James was once the co-host of a podcast. It was terrible, and his blog sucks. (But seriously, James is great and his blog often features great reviews, even though he’s usually wrong.)

So, if you’re one of my nominees and you happen to see this post go ahead and do up one of your own. Pay it forward. Spread the blogging cheer. Have at it!


2 responses to justAtad Presents the Liebster Blog Award


    If I have shamed you, then my work here is done…B-)

    Much thanks Corey. Seriously, it’s greatly appreciated. I’m trying to figure out how best to “pay it forward” (I received a similar mention recently from Tips From Chip for a Liebster as well). These memes used to go around a lot a few years ago, so I’m trying to think of a new way to do it…

    I’m considering how I could work in requests to do reviews of films I think need more exposure. Still thinking…

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