Actors Who Should Be In Everything

April 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

I’ll often sit down to watch a movie and latch onto an actor. Usually an actor I’ve gotten to know through a few movies or TV shows. I look at the performer and say to myself, “that person should be in every movie.” Maybe you get the same way. It’s a curious thing. These aren’t always the very best actors, though they’re obviously ones I’d consider great. They are the people who are often the best part of bad films, or the scene-stealers in any situation. I’ve come up with a bit of a list.

  • Holly Hunter
  • Adam Brody
  • Guy Pearce
  • Matt Damon
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Rebecca Hall

There are others, but these are the ones I have thought about the most, recently. Each of these actors bring something unique to the table, but also seem to fit in even when you wouldn’t expect them to. But I want to go one step further. I’d like to see a movie that brings all six of these actors together.

Okay, here’s the pitch. Guy Pearce stars as a lone gunman in the Old West. He arrives in a town where some years before he had killed two men in cold blood after they burned down his ranch and killed his family. (In the flashback these two men could be played by Hugh Jackman and Tom Hardy, and his wife played by Anne Hathaway, because why not?) Matt Damon is the leader of the gang that Jackman and Hardy belonged to, and he’s in the area, too. Holly Hunter is the woman who owns the brothel (not a prostitute, though) and becomes romantically involved with Pearce. Rebecca Hall is a prostitute and the mistress of Matt Damon. Marion Cotillard and Adam Brody form a makeshift posse with Pearce to go after Damon when he escapes from the town. Their trek to find him is full of bonding and exciting characters, probably played by people like Michael Caine and Christian Bale.

The movie is called The Killing Man and it will be directed by Christopher Nolan, you know, because Nolan is trying to branch out.

Probably not the greatest idea, but hey, it combines a bunch of great actors. Do you have actors you wish would appear in every movie? Tell me about them in the comments.


2 responses to Actors Who Should Be In Everything


    One actor I think should appear in everything already kind does: William Fichtner. The man is never not entertaining.


    Emily Mortimer is a big one for me. She doesn’t immediately spring to my mind when I mull over who my favorite actresses are – though she should – but she was the first one I thought of when I read the title of this post.

    A few others…

    Stanley Tucci
    Patricia Clarkson
    Jude Law
    Peter Stormare
    Fred Willard

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