A Mission to Expand

June 9, 2012 — 6 Comments

I’ve decided to take my blogging to the next level. Well, another level. Well, a level. I’ve decided to take my blogging to a level.

Let me start over.

I’ve decided to improve this blog by blogging more, and more consistently and with a more coherently wide range of content.

Does that make sense? I hope so. And if not, I trust you’ll keep reading and continue enjoying my bloggery. For those that do understand what I’m talking about, I hope this will sound like good news. This week I asked you, my dear readers, to help me get an idea of what you, my dear readers, would be interested in seeing on this site. I asked for some tips on how to get my blogging into something that’s nearly daily, as well as put up two polls on the topics of movie and TV reviews.

Well, the results are in and there’s gonn’ be some changes ’round these here parts. Not serious changes, mind you. Just an expansion of my activities.

The poll about whether I should review movies told me two things. Firstly, the interest in specific kinds of reviews is there, but in general most of you recognize that writing about every movie I watch would bore me and probably lead to less interesting writing overall. There was a bit of a split, though, among those who thought I should review every movie I watch and those who prefer that I write reviews only when I feel like it. So, essentially, I’m going to split the difference. Every time I watch a movie I’ll sit down and attempt to write a review. If I think I have something to say about a particular film and the review is coming along pretty well I’ll endeavour to finish and post it. If I’m not feeling it, I’ll just skip a review altogether. This might mean I only review half (or less) of the movies I watch, but that’s a significant step up from almost never reviewing films at all. As well, I might start a subsection of reviews for when I watch a Criterion Collection film, but we’ll see about that later.

Next, the issue of TV reviews created an interesting response. About a quarter of you don’t care to see TV recaps on this blog at all, but a solid 60% definitely would. The split in that 60% was pretty evenly between those who want me to write only when I have something to say about an episode (as I’ve been doing the last few weeks with a few pieces on Mad Men and Girls) and those who want me to review entire seasons of shows currently broadcasting. So here’s what’s going to happen. At any given time I’ll choose one, or at most two, shows to cover week to week. On top of this, if another show has a noteworthy episode or one that provokes a strong response in me I’ll attempt to write about it. Allow me to make clear, though, that I’m going to be doing this on an experimental basis, at least at first. The first show I’ll be covering is the 8-episode run of Breaking Bad season 5, which begins in July. Another show I’ll be watching at roughly the same time will be Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series, The Newsroom, so I may write pieces about that show as well, but I won’t commit to weekly recaps. I’ll see how that goes for me during the Summer, and if I find myself able and enjoying it I’ll continue with another show after Breaking Bad.

Finally, and this is a little something I didn’t bring up in my post earlier this week, I’m considering starting a podcast. I’ve done one in the past, and I think it went quite well, though the episodes are no longer online for you to decide that for yourself. I’m thinking about a format and how frequently I might like to do it. If you have any ideas or pitches regarding doing a podcast with me, or perhaps guesting on my podcast in the event that I do decide to try my hand, feel free to email me.

Anyway, thanks for your help and your support, I’m hoping that by more seriously committing to this blog the content will improve and you all will enjoy your time here even more. It’s all a great circle. You feed me, I feed you, we all get fat and in the end our brothers throw us off cliffs and usurp our thrones. Or something like that. I’m rambling, so I’ll stop now.

Thanks, and see you all soon.

6 responses to A Mission to Expand


    I think you should not have James Blake Ewing on your podcast! Guy wrecks podcasts. Also, make the podcast about silent films! And no one is allowed to talk during the review! It’s brilliant!

    Also, as a suggestion, be careful with your TV reviews because for people like me who won’t be able to watch the shows when they air, you need to be careful about spoilers. Just try not to include anything big in the post title or the first paragraph.


      I’m definitely sensitive to spoilers, so any posts will be clearly marked and the first two paragraphs on the front page won’t have anything major. Except that I’ll always include a bit at the top that says “Hey, James, Snape kills Dumbledore!”


    If spoilers were that big an issue, no one would watch anything twice.


    I would echo the comment on TV shows – I unfortunately am so far behind on the current TV shows that I tend to skip these posts entirely. In regards to a podcast, I would say yes, crack on. Whilst it is a pretty crowded podcast scene out there, I suspect yours would be interesting and a slight break from the norm. Yours in anticipation, Will.


      Yeah, you don’t have to worry about spoilers for TV. I’ll also create categories for the shows so if you ever do catch up you can also read my old recaps if you want.

      And thanks for the encouragement on a podcast. It’s an idea I’m very seriously considering, though it can be very time consuming. I might try to do it bi-weekly instead of weekly, which would make it less of a commitment.

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