Stop Asking For a Sequel to ‘The Incredibles’!

June 21, 2012 — 31 Comments

It’s happening again. It happened back when Toy Story 3 was announced, and then when it came out. It happened when Cars 2 was announced, and when that came out, as well. Now that Disney has released the teaser trailer for Pixar’s Monsters University, it’s happening all over again. I’m speaking, of course, about the annoying requests for a sequel to The Incredibles. It pops up in lots of threads about one of these Pixar sequels. It can’t be escaped. The logic is always the same: we want Pixar making original movies, and we don’t want them to become Dreamworks, so no sequels or prequels or unending franchises, oh but wait, make an Incredibles sequel because it’s a superhero movie so it must have one.

I’d rather see “Incredibles University” – Sanford Bell, /Film commenter

Do you know how many times I’ve heard people claim that the end of The Incredibles was a perfect set-up for a sequel? I swear, these people have no concept of humour. The ending of The Incredibles is not some call to arms for an inevitable sequel, but a thematic capper that completes the arc of the Parr family. It’s left open only because that is thematically functional. Plus, the concept of the Underminer is hilariously silly. It’s an ending almost like the joke ending of Back to the Future, only with more emotional and thematic resonance. And sure, that joke at the end of Back to the Future was used as the the set up for sequels, but by using that scene as a jumping-off point for Back to the Future Part II, the film was significantly hampered all the way through. So why would anyone on earth think The Incredibles was setting up a sequel? And more importantly, why on earth would anyone think an Incredibles sequel is necessary? It’s this mentality, quite frankly, that is destroying Hollywood blockbuster entertainment.

When are they going to make Incredibles 2? That is what the fans are asking for. Not Monster University or Cars 2. – keithkat, IMDb Message Board commenter on the Monsters University board

These days, Hollywood runs on the idea of creating franchises. I’ve already covered the problems this causes in terms of forcing films to be incomplete, but now I want to turn the tables. Sure, Hollywood is to blame for putting out a crappy product when they could probably put out something good that would still make a lot of money. Maybe, though, Hollywood isn’t to blame. Maybe it’s us. Well, not me, but you know the rest of you. You know who you are. The people who think that just because a movie has nerd bona fides and rests in a genre plagued by awful sequels it’s only logical that a sequel should be made. I’m not even talking about the saps, of which I’m one, who pay money to see these sequels. I’m talking about the people who demand they be made in the first place.

My concern is, where is the Incredibles sequel? I know Brad Bird has said he doesn’t want to just make one for the sake of making one (which I love about him), but no one at Disney/Pixar seems into the idea. It’s my personal favorite Pixar movie and one of the best super hero films to date. I’d love to see the Parr family suit up again! – CanIHaveASlice?, Collider commenter

Let’s set this straight. The Incredibles is a perfectly constructed film. It begins with a set of ideas and circumstances and pulls everything together for a brilliant series of pay-offs right up to the final scene. Could a sequel be made? Sure. Could it be as good as the first film? Maybe. Anything is possible. If Brad Bird has the right story and really believes in it, then I might believe in it, too.

I’m not that much into Picard movies,not a hater either,but where the hell is The Incredibles 2?! Am I mistaken in saying that it would more than likely be the highest grossing movie of their stable of films?

Seems like a no brained,especially considering that comic book/super hero movies are pretty much ruling the box office right now. – Longshanks, ScreenRant commenter

The motivations for making Cars 2 were no doubt complex, relating to high merchandise sales and a perceived high demand among young boys, as well as genuine love for the concept on the part of creator John Lasseter. Why they’re doing a Monsters University prequel is more clear. People adore Mike and Sulley. The reaction from the audience to the Monsters University teaser at my Brave screening was crazy. These guys were hilarious in the original film and they haven’t been seen since 2001. Pixar might be taking the easy route by going backwards and setting it as a simple college comedy, but at least they don’t have to deal with the problems of crafting a follow-up to one of the most perfect endings ever in a Pixar movie. Will Monsters University light the world on fire? I doubt it. This clearly isn’t the creative masterwork of a visionary director and supported by a visionary studio. The Pixar people just really love Mike and Sulley—as do audiences—and so they found a way to bring them back for what will hopefully be a fun romp. But that’s it. A sequel to The Incredibles would need to be more.

Oh come on Pixar! The ONLY sequel I’m interested in is an Incredibles sequel. The rest is just a distraction. Get busy! – electrosaurus, Reddit commenter

And I think this is the major failure of imagination amongst the nerds who want to see an Incredibles sequel. They don’t consider the film as a masterful work of art about the problems of middle age and the very tricky job of raising and holding together a family. They just see it as Pixar doing a badass superhero movie. It’s like a big, nerdy fan-wank for these people. When they think about another Incredibles movie they aren’t taking into consideration the fact that Brad Bird would need to come up with a compelling new conflict and drama that would be worth bringing back the Parr family to explore. All they can imagine are new action scenes and clever gags and satirical elements that a new film might bring. It’s small thinking and it shows a total lack of care for the creative and artistic process.

Nice. Now bring us Incredibles 2! – Xerxexx, First Showing commenter

It’s no wonder, then, that Hollywood has shifted to a franchise-oriented business model. Nerd culture has gone mainstream, and along with it has come this awful idea that any movie worth making must also be worth franchising. I don’t want to just read one issue of a comic book, I want a trilogy, or an ongoing series. Sometimes it’s called for, but the assumption on the part of self-proclaimed fans that sequels are a necessity has created a mindset that is destroying Hollywood. It needs to stop in general, but at least for now, please stop demanding a sequel to The Incredibles. Learn to leave well enough alone.

31 responses to Stop Asking For a Sequel to ‘The Incredibles’!


    A lot of what you’re saying here makes a great deal of sense. Despite your reasonable request in the title of this article, I do want to see another Incredibles film.

    The reason, though, isn’t that it “needs” a sequel as a super-hero film. The reason is that I genuinely love the first film in no small part because I love the characters. For me, that film lives and dies with the interaction of the characters, not the action set pieces. The brilliance of the film for me isn’t the super hero plot, but the everyday reality of the family. I want more of them for the same reason people want more of Mike and Sully. I look at my own kids and see some parallels with the relationship between Violet and Dash, for instance.

    A part of me, though, hopes we don’t get a second movie strictly because the first one is so good. A second film would need to be all that and a bag of chips just to get average reviews because the bar is so high. While I’d love to see these characters again, I can be satisfied if we never get anything more because what we got with the first film was so good. A second film being nothing but a set-up for a third (a la Pirates of the Caribbean or The Matrix) would be depressing and cash-grabby. If the choice is between that and staying with just the first fantastic film, I’ll settle for what I have.


      Sometimes a perfect movie is perfect on its own. You may think that you want a sequel, but why get a sequel when you can relive the same brilliant story and be happy with that? Pirates of the Caribbean would have been so great as a stand-alone film, and despite liking a lot of things about the 2nd and 3rd movies, I almost wish that sequels had never been made. And I look back and I remember that I was asking for a sequel. I wanted them to get made so badly. So maybe I’m a small part of that mistake.


    It’s all wish fulfillment. We would LOVE for Brad Bird to say he has an idea for a 2nd Incredibles film and that he was going to at least develop it if not write and direct it himself.

    This is like the constant buzz about a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The world of people living with toons is an amazing idea and we want more of it. It seems like they would have somewhere to take this world, especially now that CGI animation has moved into Toontown.

    Lately Studios have been franchise building where everything is loaded with sequel potential. These films go back to the simple emotional purity of audiences wanting to see more. The Toy Story franchise is the only one I can think of that satisfies both conditions successfully. Usually when there’s a Part 2 now, Part 3 is already in development if not filmed with the 2nd installment. Toy Story made it’s legacy one great film at a time, waiting until there was a story to tell.


      I would not see an Incredibles film that wasn’t written and directed by Brad Bird. I literally would not watch that movie. The Incredibles is a Pixar movie, but it’s much more a Brad Bird movie, and I don’t want anybody else touching that.

      But I also look at the other Pixar movies and think, why don’t people ask for sequels to other Pixar movies? Finding Nemo was much more successful than The Incredibles, so why don’t people online beg for a sequel to that? Up has great characters and a uniquely fantastical world, so why isn’t there clamouring for a sequel to that? I could spend hours and hours in the world of Ratatouille. I could probably stand to watch a whole movie that’s just Remy running that restaurant from the ending of the original. Nobody is asking for a sequel to that? My theory is that nerds on the internet don’t think of The Incredibles the same way. They think of it as a comic book movie, and it’s self-evident that a good and successful comic book movie should have a sequel. That mentality bothers me. Nerds, who theoretically should care more about the quality of what they’re watching, have so little actual interest in quality. They just want to live in those nerdy little worlds forever. That’s why I call it a fan-wank.


    Hm, I think I would see a non-Bird sequel to Incredibles but I cannot see how the film could be made that wouldn’t be an absolute retread of the first. That was the problem with Cars 2. With Monsters Univeristy the premise seems mostly different but it will remain to be seen what happens with that one.

    On the one hand, it’s almost a shame to have these incredible (pun not intended) characters in the Pixar universe and only get one outing with them. The Incredibles COULD lend itself to be a franchise much like any other superhero story line and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing…
    But on the OTHER hand, it’s totally superfluous.

    So I’m conflicted. Is loving The Incredibles enough? Absolutely. Would I see a sequel if they chose to make one? Most likely. Do I care whether or not they make one? Not really.

    asrap virtuoso June 24, 2012 at 9:26 am

    I agree with your points but still would love if Brad Bird makes a sequel. Just seeing the short film “Jack-Jack Attack” gives me hope that there’s still a lot that can be explored.


    I kinda don’t want Pixar making sequels at all to anything. I think they’re at their best when they are making a compelling, interesting world and crafting a set of distinct, memorable characters on a particular journey.

    Also, Monsters University is a film I just don’t see myself enjoying from a place of my love for Monsters, Inc. What I love about that film is that particular story and journey those two character take and who they take it with, a prequel won’t have that and while I might still enjoy it for other reason, it won’t be because of Mike and Sulley.

    I want to see the Psychonauts and Grim Fandango movies Pixar are making, not a prequel or sequel of one of their films.


      I don’t have a crazy amount of love for Monsters Inc. I mostly love the comedy, some inventive action and Boo being super cute. It’s extremely well made, but I could stand to watch a more simple comedy with Mike and Sulley, though I certainly didn’t ask for it.


    I always thought that a great Incredibles sequel would be about the kids growing up and leaving the nest, it’s the next logical step in the family dilemma and it would make a great story. I agree that I wouldn’t want a cash-in Incredibles sequel, but I would absolutely love a Pixar quality sequel of the movie.


    I too am sick of all the ‘incredibles 2’ requests. I want to do my own rant against the unwashed masses on my blog, as the rallying is about as annoying as people saying ‘Chris Nolan meant for the Joker to return in The Dark Knight Rises.’


    The reason is likely he will be sued by Marvel for ripping off the Fantastic Four so badly like he did in the first one…..


    Thank you! I’m glad to see someone has this point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Incredibles and its one of my top favorite Pixar films but when I watched it for the first time and with the way it ended, I felt completely satisfied both on a conscious and subconscious level and the thought of a sequel never entered my mind. The same thing happened with Pirates of the Caribbean. Would I be excited if Brad Bird announced a sequel, definetely, but I agree with a notion that a good sequel has to be strong storywise and deep emotional and characterwise to sucessfully continue the world of the story and characters and I keep running into so many “I demand an Incredibles sequel now!” kinds of posts that its just kind of tiring. Its just like, have patience, dude, plus be wary. One always can’t get what they want, you know? I’m always excited when a Pixar movie comes out, whether its a sequel or not. The only time I’m excited about a sequel is when its intentionally left open for one like Back to the Future Part II or National Treasure: Book of Secrets (yes, I know those movies are swiss cheesed full of plot holes and lacking in good cause and effect story progressions but this sequel came up with a really neat idea, to me at least).


    Obviously you haven’t seen the ending, or don’t recognize an underlying cliffhanger. Dumbfuck.


      Whoa, easy on rhe language buddy. I’ve seen the movie many times and I know its an underlying cliffhanger. Its one of my favorite Pixar movies after all. Several movies have been open ended like that like the original Back to the Future and the filmmakers weren’t even considering a sequel at the time even though they made the sequels later. I’m just saying some movies are left open ended like that for the fun of it and to leave it to the audience’s imagination. Like I said, I’m open to an Incredibles sequel. I was just say that the first movie left me emotionally fulfilled even with the open ended ending like that


    I love when morons like dudefuckyou (what a witty screen name!) lecture intelligent people like vegimorph about what they “don’t recognize”, when in fact they’re the one who is too dimwitted to read a film’s clean, direct images, and recognize what it’s actually doing and saying.

    It’s like watching a small, bratty child lecturing an adult.


    Personally I feel there’s way to much money involved in this franchise to not make a sequel. It will happen eventually weather it’s a good idea or not. So our hope will be that it’s done well.

    Luckily what made the movie good was not all the super powers, but rather each characters struggles with their day to day lives. There is no shortage of smartly written normal day to day conflict.

    Since most of the characters are hashed out pretty well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see every one aged by about 10 years. This makes Mr / Mrs Incredible struggle with prospects of retirement. Dash can struggle with young love or just getting out from under his parents wings for the first time. Violet possibly with the idea of what it takes to make a serious relationship work given her need for secrecy. Jack-Jack could struggle with youngest sibling syndrome where he’s envious of his brother and sister because he’s not yet allowed to fight crime.

    Just a few ideas… I am by no means a script writer. I just think if it’s given a lot of thought, it could be easily done well


    So after all that.. Is there gonna be a sequel?

    Bumbum Turrd May 5, 2013 at 4:39 am

    The end of the incredibles was not a set-up for a sequel?? Tell that to the SEQUEL videogame – the rise of the underminer, released some time after the original game.


    With no apology …Not only do I want a sequel to the Incredibles, I want one for Iron Giant.


    Jokes on you, there’s a sequel now


    Why do you cars if fans want a sequel to the incredibles. How does it effect you. Just don’t go see it I’d you don’t like the idea. They make such crappy sequels how many toy stories can they possibly make


      Why do you care if fans want a sequel to the incredibles. How does it effect you. Just don’t go see it If you don’t like the idea. They make such crappy sequels how many toy stories can they possibly make?

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