Archives For July 3, 2012

This blog has entered a brand new world! I am now podcasting. The podcast is called, appropriately enough, the justAtadcast. It will be me, along with one or two other guests, discussing a topic du jour and then doing an in-depth, spoilerific review of a new release film. The format may change or grow or evolve or mature or explode over time, but for now I figured it’d be best to keep things simple.

For this inaugural episode I brought on Sean Burns, film critic for Philadelphia Weekly, and Josh Spiegel, host of the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast, to discuss the concept of franchise reboots and review the latest superhero reboot,¬†The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s a solid 70 minutes of film kvetching and all-around geekery.

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Note: The episode is my first stint at hosting a podcast in a while, so forgive my umms and uhhs, I’m still getting back into the swing of things. Also, there were a couple hiccups, including a dropped mic during the review that was basically impossible to edit around. Forgive the technical faults, and be sure to leave some feedback and how to improve the show or topics you’d like to hear discussed.