Netflix Non-Decisiveness Syndrome

July 18, 2012 — 7 Comments

I’ve got a disease. A sickness. If you have a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription, you probably have it, too. I call it NNDS, or, Netflix Non-Decisiveness Syndrome. It’s a horrible affliction; a relative of such other awful illnesses like Overwhelming Video Store Disease, Too Many Channels Syndrome and Sizeable DVD Shelf Disease. All of these are the same. You’re presented with with a large, but nonetheless limited set of options. You can watch anything you’ve got in front of you, but how to decide?

It’s a serious problem. We need help. Netflix has thousands of movies and TV episodes, all right there, available to stream with the click of a button. It’s a fucking disaster. A ‘first world problem’ of epic proportions. Who on Earth came up with an idea so dastardly as to give people so many options? Don’t they know that human beings are not built to make these kinds of decisions?

So, maybe you have Netflix but don’t believe you have NNDS. Well, you do, but it might help to list the most common symptoms:

– Scrolling through Netflix’s impossible-to-navigate lists for 30 minutes or more before settling on something.

– Spending more than 30 minutes on the aforementioned activity, but never settling something.

– Realizing you have a repetitive stress injury from constantly going back and forth on different movie/TV options.

– Creeping depression at the thought of your mental state while reading the description of Cube 2: Hypercube for the third time.

– Crippling agony and anger with the nature of the Universe and existence.

– Self-loathing at the fact that you’re watching a crappy movie you already own on DVD instead of something new and more interesting.

– Thoughts of suicide when you stumble on a section of films called “Dark and Gritty Foreign Romantic High School Comedy Action Films”

If you have suffered from any of these symptoms while surfing the Netflix catalog, please, try to overcome. Unfortunately, it’s a disease with no known cure.

Stay strong, my friends. Stay strong.


7 responses to Netflix Non-Decisiveness Syndrome


    And this is why I’ve been cutting down my DVD/Blu Ray collection to the absolute absolute favorites and getting rid of NetFlix. It is a profound problem…lol.


    My problem used to be a lot worse than it is now. I’ve just decided to stick to mostly to the documentary section, and now I’ll click on the first one that grabs my attention.


      I think Mr. Dave’s right. We have to reduce the options in our own head, since there are so very many actually available to us. Say ahead of time before going to choose a show: I am going to watch *this* kind of thing only. Then stick to it.
      (Way to decide on your limits, Dave!)


    i feel your pain, fellow sufferer. had netflix for a couple of months now and i think i’ve reached the end of maybe 2 movies and a couple of tv show episodes. however, i have sampled another 10,306 other things… why, netflix… why!?


      Is it possible that Netflix is just TOO awesome? It’s like it was purposely devised to wow us with selection and then give us aneurisms from the lack of decisiveness.


        exactly! but you would think that killing off your customers would hurt their business. apparently they’ve not quite cot on to that yet 😀 managed to get to the end of Mr Deeds – after 3 days of trying!! great film, btw

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