Archives For July 26, 2012

Children don’t always have the best taste in movies. I know this because I see what kids watch and they watch a lot of crap. I also know because I remember the movies I watched as a kid. There is some real garbage there. I don’t think it’s that kids are bad judges, but that the interests and needs of a child are quite different from an adult. Children are more open to the silly and the fanciful, which in a way is actually a great thing. It also means, though, that kids are more easily pandered to and thus entertained.

When I look back at the films I used to watch when I was six or seven or even ten years old, I look back fondly, even at the bad films. Some of those films I look at now and feel almost a sense of shame for having loved. Some of them bring no shame at all, and some of them I shamelessly love to this day. I’d like to share those films with you. Maybe if you’re my age you’ll have the same sense of nostalgia for them, or, if not, you’ll gain some insight into what being a young kid in the 90s was like from a cinematic perspective. Click to read more.