Archives For July 29, 2012

I watched only one movie this week. Just one. I almost didn’t watch that one either, but last night I had a couple friends over and we decided to put something on. It happens. Look, I’m a movie buff, but I’m not the kind who cares to make movies my entire life. I do other things, you know, like watch TV… But seriously. Unless is a stupid movie, I usually prefer to give a film my full attention, and I’m not always in a position or state-of-mind to do that, which in turn causes me to watch a lot less movies.

This week also had distractions. First off, I started watching the classic Doctor Who series. I’m not far in, but I’m enjoying it so far. I also went to the Toronto Film Bloggers Pub Night, the monthly event where a bunch of us film types get together and drink $5 doubles, talk about movies and yell at each other for being wrong. It’s a great time. Then came the Olympics. I love watching the Olympics, so that will probably take of a lot of time that otherwise might’ve gone to movies. Oh well, You can still read about the one movie I did watch, if you like. Click to read more.