My Week in Staring at Screens: 7/29/12

July 29, 2012 — 13 Comments

I watched only one movie this week. Just one. I almost didn’t watch that one either, but last night I had a couple friends over and we decided to put something on. It happens. Look, I’m a movie buff, but I’m not the kind who cares to make movies my entire life. I do other things, you know, like watch TV… But seriously. Unless is a stupid movie, I usually prefer to give a film my full attention, and I’m not always in a position or state-of-mind to do that, which in turn causes me to watch a lot less movies.

This week also had distractions. First off, I started watching the classic Doctor Who series. I’m not far in, but I’m enjoying it so far. I also went to the Toronto Film Bloggers Pub Night, the monthly event where a bunch of us film types get together and drink $5 doubles, talk about movies and yell at each other for being wrong. It’s a great time. Then came the Olympics. I love watching the Olympics, so that will probably take of a lot of time that otherwise might’ve gone to movies. Oh well, You can still read about the one movie I did watch, if you like.

Inside Man (Blu-ray) – Hadn’t seen this bank-heist thriller in a few years, but it holds up extremely well. I picked up on a lot more Dog Day Afternoon references this time around. The film did sink a little in my estimation, though. I found the general lack of motivation for Clive Owen’s character made his actions a little weird. The last section of the film also handles some elements of Denzel Washington’s investigations poorly. By that point Spike Lee has already shown us too much of how the heist went down, so watching Washington put it all together becomes redundant. Still, a great entry in the genre and a whole bunch of fun.

So, what have you been watching this week? Will you also be caught up in Olympics Fever?


13 responses to My Week in Staring at Screens: 7/29/12


    This week, I watched “Meet the Robinsons”, “Kung Fu Panda 2”, “Megamind”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. I hadn’t seen ‘Robinsons’ in a few years and I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I did when it first came out. KFP2 was fun to watch, but I’d rather have seen the first before I sat through an entire sequel. (I do that a lot.) The first half of “Megamind” bored me back to twitter and the second half was none too great either. All-around, it was just an okay…well, it really wasn’t even “okay”. It was bland and forgettable. Beautiful, but somehow still very uninteresting. Those were all films I watched while I was babysitting. It’s nice to have a valid reason to pop in animation at any given time, but that also means I can’t keep up with more adult films. I did see “The Amazing Spider-Man” in theaters and I managed to catch my first ever Marilyn Monroe movie. Probably not the best movie to start watching of hers, ‘Gentlemen’ was interesting to watch, despite seeing it with the two people whose disdain for the musical genre makes watching those kinds of films almost unbearable. Overall, a week dominated by animation. And I’m okay with that.


      If you’re looking for a good Marilyn Monroe movie, try Some Like it Hot. Billy Wilder is a genius, and it’s one of his best films. Also, watch other Wilder films. Especially The Apartment.


    We watched the opening ceremonies, which I thought were bizarre and cool at the same time, plus a few of the events (table tennis and badminton ;D) I cracked up when I saw your tweet about “giant Voldemort is giant”. We also sent back the rest of the “Ken Burns: Prohibition” discs, because it got really boring. And, I watched “Flash Gordon” for the first time ever, because it was referenced to death in “Ted” (which was hysterical). It was hugely entertaining.


    Hoosiers, 50/50, Trading Places, and Coming to America.

    Hoosiers is the greatest sports film of all time. ‘Nuff said. 50/50 was my favorite of last year and it still holds up a year later. Just a wonderful, wonderful film. And the Eddie Murphy double header just reminded me how great that guy was in the ’80’s. His two best films.


    I just couldn’t really get into the movie because Clive Owen is… well… Clive Owen.


      To be fair, his face IS covered for most of the film.


        Well, it’s never been the face that bothers me. It’s that voice, you know? That voice and delivery that makes him that same character in Sin City, Closer and Inside Man.

        I guess a similar comparison is Alan Rickman. He has a distinctive voice and sounds similar in many movies, but he’s got enough ability to tweak his delivery to be different characters in Die Hard, Love Actually and of course, Harry Potter. Though his role in Dogma is still pretty much just playing Alan Rickman, with wings.


    My Inside Man DVD has been sitting in my “watch before selling” pile for months. I loved it the first time around but the second time through just wasn’t the same.

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