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“To speed the [digital] conversions along, the studios are using a classic carrot-and-stick model of coercion. The offset money is the carrot. The punishing stick? Studios will no longer be releasing 35 mm prints.”

Jessica, the wonderful Swedish blogger at The Velvet Café, sent me some link love the other day. And not just any link love. Apparently Jessica had received “nominations” from a couple other bloggers for something called The Liebster Blog Award. Basically, it’s a pay-it-forward type of award. One blogger selects four or five blogs as “nominees” that they’d like to highlight, and then each of those five selects five more. I’m not always into these chain blogging things, but this one is an exception. Paying the love forward seems like a great idea to me. So hit the jump to check out my nominees for the Liebster Blog Award.

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Back again this week with some links. It was a little hard finding great blog posts this week, not because the writing was poor, but because I simply didn’t feel like linking tons of Oscar predictions. I love the Oscars as a game. I love predicting who will win and getting excited about it all. But I really don’t see it as important, and this year I haven’t felt motivated to even talk about the Oscars very much. Then again, I one Oscars-related post did manage to slip through. All the links are inside! Click to read more.

Another two weeks have gone by. Yes, I forgot once again. When I did remember to put a list of links together I also realized I hadn’t collected enough good links. Well, in the extra time I’ve found some quality links. I’ve got stuff from all over the interwebs and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Last week I completely forgot about this column. Well… Not completely. I remembered it at the last minute when I had to leave the house soon. Oops. Too late. The column didn’t happen, and I’ve felt pretty bad about it all week. Well! Here I am to correct my mistake. I’ve got a new ‘Attack the Blog’ which essentially covers two weeks of collected blog links. So, here goes! Click to see the links.

How has your week been? Good? Excellent.

I had a pretty good week, too. Over the weekend I got to see a really cool short film program, and then I saw Beauty on the Beast on the big screen for the first time in my life. I finished the first book in my 50 Book Pledge (review coming shortly). Basically, it’s been good times and good bloggin’.

And speaking of good bloggin’, hit the jump to check out links to some of my favourite blog posts from the last week.

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It felt like a bit of a slow week in the blogosphere. Maybe it was the continued talk about 2011, which for me is pretty played out at this point. Maybe it was that other than 2011 films there is nothing good coming out in cinemas at the moment. January is often a dark time to be a film lover, especially when you’ve already watched most of the awards-baiting movies.

I did read a number of great blog posts, though, and I’ve collected my favourites for you.

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It was a big week for movie bloggers, most of us put up Top 10 lists for the year, which is often a fun thing to do. But now it’s 2012, and except for Oscar talk I think it’s time we all moved forward. Back to the regular bloggery! Click to read more.

This week I’m introducing a new feature on the blog. Embarrassingly, I’m not as involved in the blogging community. I aim to rectify this. And so I am starting a weekly post with links to  some of the best blog posts I read each week.

However, for this first post I’ll make things a bit more introductory by instead sharing links to some of the blogs I’ve gotten to know, rather than simply individual posts. There are a ton of bloggers on the web. Too many. But these are some of the ones I visit most frequently and who offer some of the best writing and more insightful comments. So continue on to check out the list. Click to read more