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A Mission to Expand

June 9, 2012 — 6 Comments

I’ve decided to take my blogging to the next level. Well, another level. Well, a level. I’ve decided to take my blogging to a level.

Let me start over.

I’ve decided to improve this blog by blogging more, and more consistently and with a more coherently wide range of content.

Does that make sense? I hope so. And if not, I trust you’ll keep reading and continue enjoying my bloggery. For those that do understand what I’m talking about, I hope this will sound like good news. This week I asked you, my dear readers, to help me get an idea of what you, my dear readers, would be interested in seeing on this site. I asked for some tips on how to get my blogging into something that’s nearly daily, as well as put up two polls on the topics of movie and TV reviews.

Well, the results are in and there’s gonn’ be some changes ’round these here parts. Click to read more.

Alright, I’m putting some questions out to you, my readers. I need some help. I’d like to to have my site updated with new content every day (potentially including weekends), but for that to happen I’d like to gauge what sort of content you all would like to see.

As it stands now I pretty much write what I want, when I want. Usually I write opinion pieces about film, but recently I’ve written some opinion-style reviews of TV episodes. I generally don’t write reviews of films, though I’ve occasionally written essay-style reviews. The biggest problem is the large gaps that often occur between posts.

So I’ve got a few questions for you. I’m going to put in a couple polls to get a specific sense of a couple things, then I’ll follow up with a few general questions that you can respond to in the comments.

Click to vote in the polls.

I’ve decided to go for an entirely new theme for the blog. It’s cleaner and simpler and easier to read. It also offers up cool post format opportunities (like this very post!) which should make for some interesting variation in content and style.

Hope you all enjoy it.

I don’t usually get into serious altercations. It’s not my style. In fact, while I enjoy getting into friendly and heated arguments, I tend to avoid real confrontations as much as possible. Last night I had tickets for the Toronto premiere of the new film, The Woman in Black. It’s a film I was really looking forward to primarily because I’m very excited by the return of Hammer horror. That Daniel Radcliffe is the star just made me more interested. I happen to really like Radcliffe as an actor and his first film role post-Potter was something I really wanted to see. The icing on the cake? Radcliffe himself was set to show up. Well, I went to the premiere, and I sat down, and I saw Radcliffe for about a minute as he came out to introduce the film. And then I made a really stupid mistake.

I took a picture. Click to read more.

Requesting Some Feedback

January 21, 2012 — 18 Comments

My blogging has become more reasonably consistent lately, but I’ve also noticed a trend. I’m don’t get too hung up on the actual number of views I get per day, but I do pay attention to them. I look for where I’m getting referrals from, what site people are clicking over to when they visit, and what content on a given day is most popular. Recently, though, I’ve seen my general numbers slip. There was a point when I could be fairly sure that a single post would net the blog at least a certain number of hits. This week I posted twice in one day and couldn’t manage to hit that bar.

I’m not trying to sit here and bore you with my sadness over losing readers. In fact, if it’s just an issue of numbers then really I don’t mind. But the numbers slide me tells me that I’m doing something wrong. I’d like to figure out what that is.

So help me out. Give me some feedback. Tell me what content you like best on the blog. Be specific if you can. What are your favourite posts? What do you come back for? Are there any kinds of posts you’d like to see or see more of? Do you think I should do more reviews of films? What kinds of reviews? Just straight, simple ones, or more in-depth essay style reviews like my War Horse piece?

And there’s other stuff. Do you like the blog’s recent look and layout? Are there additional layout elements or changes you think would improve the site?

So be a pal, help me out. Let me know what I can be doing better.


Along with this blog and my contributions over at Sound on Sight, I’ve now been recruited to write for a site called Dork Shelf. It’s cool site that covers all things dorky, including Film, TV, comics, and video games.

You can go there to check out my first article for the site, a piece covering the upcoming ‘Attack the Bloc: Soviet Science Fiction’ series at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. And stay tuned for more articles and reviews in the future.


On Having Nothing to Say

December 8, 2011 — 7 Comments

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but I haven’t posted anything substantial on this blog in over three weeks. I don’t really like the term “writer’s block” because it implies that I can’t write, like something is physically stopping me. But nothing is stopping me, as evidenced by this highly navel-gazing bit of writing you’re reading at this very moment. Or maybe you’re only skimming it, in which case maybe I’ll include some subliminal, coded messages throughout this piece. Of course, because they’re subliminal you’ll only see them if you aren’t looking for them. So don’t look for those messages, you won’t find them. Got it? Good. Now that I’ve completely gotten off track, let’s talk about why I haven’t been writing. Continue Reading…

This is it. My 100th post. It’s a special occasion, sort of, but not really, but kind of, so I’m doing a meta post about it. What am I using this post for? It’s really just a marker. A signpost on the road. Why am I marking it? Why not? I started this blog on June 27th. It was meant as a way of freeing myself from the obligation of a more “professional” site. I think I’ve succeeded with that. I don’t feel tied down by this blog. It’s a place for me to express myself in writing, and it has allowed me to be less self-conscious about what is expected of my writing. I write just to write. Kind of like this post. If I feel I have something to say, I’ll say it. If I don’t get worked up about what I’m saying I’ll just keep silent. Then again, I’m writing this post and I have nothing to say. You’re probably wasting your time reading this. My ramblings are basically useless anyway. Come back when I have something more interesting to say. Maybe in post #101.

Until then, take care!

Corey Atad

Oh, wait, no! Stop! Before you go, I’m going to pull a Ryan McNeil¬†and ask you for a favour. If you’re a follower of my writing, maybe you have some opinions on it. What kind of posts do you like best? Do you have any topics you’d like me to write about? Maybe some new feature posts? Maybe some advice about the look of the blog? Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re thinking.

Board games are fun. Obviously. But maybe not so obviously. Board games are also the bane of good friendships and family stability. They are explicitly designed to create competition, and competition leads to people getting frustrated with each other. It’s a wonder that family murder-suicides are not more commonly sparked by long games of Monopoly. That’s why I was so impressed when I sat down with some friends to play a few rounds of the game, Pandemic. Instead of fostering intense competition, it encourages intense cooperation, and it’s fun as hell. Click to read my full review

On this day I give thanks. I give thanks to those around us who make life worth living. I thank the country we live in for providing a wonderful home for us even in dark times. I thank the people who grow the food we eat. I thank the turkeys, so brave, so valiant, for giving their lives so we may take pleasure in their supreme deliciousness.