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The Alamo Drafthouse blog decided to re-ignite the discussion over texting in theatres by writing a post calling for theatres to unequivocally ban texting. I agree. Texting is a scourge and shouldn’t be allowed. People who text during a movie are awful. The Drafthouse gives three reasons for why texting shouldn’t be allowed, and though I agree with the overall sentiment, I actually only agree with one of their reasons.

The third reason they give, which is the one I agree with, is that texting is disrespectful to the rest of the audience who have paid to see a film, not to be distracted by the blindingly bright light coming from your iPhone screen. In fact, that’s pretty much the only reason there is the not allow texting, and it’s more than good enough for me. The second reason they give is that it’s condescending to think that 20-somethings today can’t sit down for a 2-hour movie without distracting themselves. That may or may not be true, but it really has nothing to do with whether or not texting should be allowed. But it’s the first reason the Alamo Drafthouse gives that caught my ire. Not only do I think it’s a poor reason to ban texting, it’s a terrible ethos. Click to read more.


A Message: I walked out of this film. I went to a theatre, paid money to see it, sat down, got through the ads and trailers, the movie started, I got approximately one hour and ten minutes into it, I got up out of my seat and proceeded to walk home. There was about forty minutes left in the movie, maybe less, I’m not quite sure, but I didn’t care. It’s the first time in my life I’ve walked out of a movie just because it was bad. Now, let me tell you why…

Never have I seen a film by a major director so lazily directed as David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis. If even the director can’t be bothered to direct his movie, why on earth should I be bothered to watch it? Alas, the name Cronenberg drew me in, as did some vague positivity out of Cannes. When I say I have no idea where that positivity comes from, know I am not being hyperbolic in the slightest. Sometimes I just don’t like a movie that other people like. Often times I can understand their point of view in part. Other times I realize I’m simply not the target for a specific movie. With Cosmopolis, though, I just don’t get it. A film so badly made, enjoyed unironically? It’s beyond the scope of my comprehension. Click to read more.