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This time last year I found a new obsession. Back in the summer of 2007, I got into Firefly in a big way. I’m a nerd, but I’m not the type who dresses up or writes fan-fiction or buys lots of merch, but with Firefly I went a little further than I ever had before. I bought any book I could get my hands on. I went to special screenings of Serenity. I bought a Jayne Cobb hat. It was pretty intense for a while, but a show that was already canceled, it wasn’t exactly easy to maintain the fandom. I still adore Firefly to no end, but I’m not totally over-the-moon like I was back then. My new obsession is on a whole new scale. It’s called Doctor Who.

For those completely under the rock, Doctor Who is a science-fiction series on the BBC in the UK. It first premiered in 1963, went on for many, many years, was eventually canceled in the 80s, and then brought back by Russell T. Davies in 2005. It’s about an alien who looks like a man and goes by the moniker, The Doctor. He flies around in an old police box called the TARDIS, which can travel anywhere in space and time. He usually brings along a companion or two from Earth. He goes on adventures, helping people around the Universe and stopping bad guys. It’s cheesy and fun and badass and sometimes even emotional. I love it to death, now let me tell you how I got into it and why you should, too. Click to read more.

This week I saw a themed blog post concept on Jessica’s blog, The Velvet Cafe, and I have decided to steal it. Of course, she stole the idea from Top 10 Films, and Alex over at Benefits of a Classical Eduction stole their idea as well. We’re all stealing from Top 10 Films, and they sort of stole the idea from the movie Last Action Hero. I’m betting that movie stole its idea from somewhere else, but that’s neither here nor there.

The real question is, what is Houdini’s Magic Ticket. Well, Top 10 Films informs me that in Last Action Hero, a character is given a magic movie ticket that allows him to transport himself into the his favourite movie. The blogging idea is simple: if you had a magic movie ticket, what movies would you want to go into? Daniel Stephens, who wrote the original Top 10 Films post, came up with a few categories, and I’m going to stick to those.

So join me as I venture into the crazy world of the films I would love to be a part of! Click to read more