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I’ve got a disease. A sickness. If you have a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription, you probably have it, too. I call it NNDS, or, Netflix Non-Decisiveness Syndrome. It’s a horrible affliction; a relative of such other awful illnesses like Overwhelming Video Store Disease, Too Many Channels Syndrome and Sizeable DVD Shelf Disease. All of these are the same. You’re presented with with a large, but nonetheless limited set of options. You can watch anything you’ve got in front of you, but how to decide?

It’s a serious problem. We need help. Netflix has thousands of movies and TV episodes, all right there, available to stream with the click of a button. It’s a fucking disaster. A ‘first world problem’ of epic proportions. Who on Earth came up with an idea so dastardly as to give people so many options? Don’t they know that human beings are not built to make these kinds of decisions? Click to learn about the symptoms.


Why I Pirate

March 7, 2012 — 24 Comments

I’m a pirate. A dirty rotten scoundrel. A scalawag. I commandeer ships on a regular basis, which I know is wrong, but it’s a personal problem and I’m dealing with it. But I’m also a media pirate. All kinds of media. I used to pirate music, though lately I rarely download music at all and I tend to buy from iTunes when I do. But I still download movies and TV shows and the occasional book. I’d like to say outright that I do not condone piracy, nor would I claim to have good justification for doing it. I have explanation, which is not the same. I pirate. I know it’s legally wrong, and I have moral qualms about it as well, but I still do it and I have no intention of stopping any time soon. Let me tell you why. Click to read more.