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Did you know there was a live-action Spider-Man movie released in 1977? I had no idea, but after seeing that ridiculous trailer I simply must watch the whole thing. In fact, I WILL watch the whole thing if and when I find it!

Update: Well, that was quick, it was in the YouTube sidebar all along. Here’s the full 1977 Spider-Man.


This blog has entered a brand new world! I am now podcasting. The podcast is called, appropriately enough, the justAtadcast. It will be me, along with one or two other guests, discussing a topic du jour and then doing an in-depth, spoilerific review of a new release film. The format may change or grow or evolve or mature or explode over time, but for now I figured it’d be best to keep things simple.

For this inaugural episode I brought on Sean Burns, film critic for Philadelphia Weekly, and Josh Spiegel, host of the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast, to discuss the concept of franchise reboots and review the latest superhero reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s a solid 70 minutes of film kvetching and all-around geekery.

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Note: The episode is my first stint at hosting a podcast in a while, so forgive my umms and uhhs, I’m still getting back into the swing of things. Also, there were a couple hiccups, including a dropped mic during the review that was basically impossible to edit around. Forgive the technical faults, and be sure to leave some feedback and how to improve the show or topics you’d like to hear discussed.

After a week of watching a lot of movies, this week was much more subdued. I’d say it was due to watching lots of TV or reading, but the truth is I watched less TV than usual and didn’t read a single page from any book. I listened to a lot of podcasts, though, and even recorded two podcasts, one of which will be the start of something new for this site.


As for the movies I watched, well, I didn’t expose myself to much, but the majority were masterpieces. I hope I’ll get to see more movies in the next week. Already on the docket is the Blu-ray of A Streetcar Named Desire and Lifeboat. Hopefully I’ll squeeze in at least a fee more than that. Either way, read on the check out what I saw this week.

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In discussing remakes I usually try to avoid discussing the film in relation to its original. I am generally not interested in what the film does the same or differently, so long as it does those things well. Remakes are hardly ever necessary, but that doesn’t devalue them in my eyes. I’ve loved plenty of remakes, from The Thing to The Fly to Let Me In. Is it nice to see when one of these films ventures on its own path away from its inspiration? Sure, but I don’t see that as a strict necessity, and so I don’t like to even bring up the original. It’s always about the film at hand.

Well, almost always. Though The Amazing Spider-Man is not a remake, and though I prefer to look only at the film I’m reviewing, in this case I can’t help but compare the film to its brother from 2002. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man is not a film beloved in my neck of the woods. I think it handles the origin story of a super-powered hero better than any other film in the modern era of comic book films, but I also find the film visually unappealing, poorly acted, overly silly and paced pretty unevenly. I also think these problems got worse with the sequel. But at its core, Spider-Man did the origin right. In terms of story beats I’d almost be willing to say it did Spidey’s origin perfectly. I’m not opposed to the idea of The Amazing Spider-Man being another origin story, but by being one so half-heartedly, and by sticking too closely to the one in the 2002 film, it forces the audience to recall a much better telling of the same basic story. Click to read more.

I don’t get it. Every image I see. Every trailer released. Every piece of information I get. I look at this new Spider-Man movie and think, “I should be so excited for this movie,” but I’m just not. It doesn’t make any sense. All signs point to it being a cool movie, and likely the best Spider-Man movie so far, and still I’m not excited. What’s happening?

I was never a fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. I liked the first film, thought the second one was boring, and the third film is a hot mess. When Sam Raimi left development on what was then Spider-Man 4 I couldn’t have been more pleases. A script by Zodiac‘s James Vanderbilt, directed by (500) Days of Summer‘s Marc Webb, starring Never Let Me Go‘s Andrew Garfield and my Superbad crush, Emma Stone? The Amazing Spider-Man was sure to be a step in the right direction. The weird part is, judging by the trailers, I think the movie is going to deliver.

So why am I not excited? Click to read more.

I was never a big fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. The first film was a decent comic book movie. The second took a cheesy style and tried to make it serious. I wasn’t buying it. And, of course, the less said about the third film the better. What always bothered me with the Raimi films was their lack of interest in the world of Spider-Man. They are visually bland films whose tone fluctuated wildly between comic book silliness and operatic melodrama.

When I heard Marc Webb was helming a reboot of the franchise I perked up. (500) Days of Summer is one of my favourite films of the last few years, and I saw in Webb a guy who would be able to find tonal consistency in an inherently silly property. By the looks of this new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, Webb has succeeded. It looks genuinely funny and playful, but also realistically moody and dramatic. I like the looks of Andrew Garfield. I love Emma Stone for reasons. Even Lizard looks pretty cool. All in all, colour me excited. Watch the trailer below: