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Ronan Doyle over at Next Projection wrote a very interesting review of Michael Haneke‘s 2007 American remake of his own 1997 German film, Funny Games. It’s essentially a negative review, but not in the normal sense. While Ronan acknowledges that in many ways it’s a great, extremely well crafted and challenging film, the fact of its existence is what brings it down. By being a shot-for-shot remake, merely translated, but still only reaching a small cinephile audience, Funny Games US is has no need to exist. First of all, is it true that the film didn’t expand upon the audience of the original? More importantly, even if it didn’t does that mean we can discount the quality of the film? Click to read more.

David Fincher, What Now?

December 20, 2011 — 9 Comments

A lot of films are coming out this week. Too many. One of the most highly anticipated of these upcoming releases is David Fincher’s remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It’s a film which, to be honest, most people wouldn’t be all that excited about if it wasn’t for the name attached. Fincher is one of the very best directors working today, and seeing him return to serial killer drama, even if it’s a remake, is certainly something worth getting excited about. I very much liked the film, though I do think it suffers from certain problems derived from the source material. (You can read my review of the film over at Sound on Sight .) Now that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is finally coming out, I think it’s time to see what we can look forward to from Fincher in the near future, as well as take stock of his success as a director. Click to read more