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Sometimes a film just begs to be discussed. It’s not always a great film, or a film that everyone loves, but it’s always a film with a lot of interesting parts. Trying to add all those parts together is too much fun to resist. Such is the case with Cloud Atlas, the new film adaptation of the David Mitchell novel, co-directed by Tom Tywer and the Wachowski’s.

For this week’s episode, I was joined for the second time by Kristen Sales (@salesonfilm and writer at Who Got The Role) as well as Christopher Runyon (@CGRunyon and Cineffect). The discussion was long and wide-ranging. And when I say long, I mean it. Two whole hours of Cloud Atlas talk covering just about everything we could think of, from the qualities of the adaptation to the music to the acting to the thematic resonance or lack thereof. So settle in and enjoy the show.

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