I’m a blogger from Toronto, the land of Scott Pigrim.

Along with having done a podcast (The Movie Dictator Club, still available on iTunes) and run a now-defunct website, I am currently writing this blog as well as contributing for both Sound on Sight and Dork Shelf.

This blog you’re reading right now is my own personal space. It’s most about film, though I reserve the right to write about anything that interests me. For example, I’m currently taking part in the #50BookPledge, and so I’ll be writing reviews of the books I read.

As for what kind of content you’ll find here? Well, I’m not that into writing movie reviews, though I will on occasion (film festivals, for example). I prefer writing opinion pieces, articles, and essay-style posts about films and the film industry. I also post “Best of” lists in the form of my Essentials series.

Hope you enjoy your stay here,
Corey Atad

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