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    Hey, just wanted to say I found your blog and really like it. I found it through your discussion on The Tree of Life. I adore the film, but I appreciated your critical take. The first thing we do with that kind of movie is react to it, and most don’t go any further– it seemed like you completely understood it and took the time to consider it before you came to your opinion. I’ve had so many frustrating conversations with people about it, argh! Nice to see an opposing view that’s meaningful. Anyway, just some quick props!



      Hey, thanks a ton. I definitely want to watch The Tree of Life again. Maybe I’ll like it a lot more the second time around. Just curious, which discussion were you talking about? Was this on the Filmspotting forum?


    I actually stumbled into it when I was image searching for Tree of Life screencaps. I saw the title of the post, “An Apology, a Retraction, and the Power of Storytelling,” and I was compelled to read. I have been planning to rewatch the film soon, so it’s been on my mind, and it’s the kind of film I love to hear discussed!


      I’m actually really happy to hear that you read that piece. It was written as a retraction of a previous piece I wrote which had kicked up controversy both here and on that forum I mentioned and in a couple other places. Unfortunately, when I posted the second piece, which was much more nuanced and true to my own feelings, it wasn’t read by nearly as many people. So I’m glad you read it and responded to it. (Though looking over it now, I should probably fix those typos.)

      Anyway, happy you found my blog and enjoyed what I wrote. Hope you stick around.



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